Hell Sent In The Clouds

Well, that was a dark and vivid dream that made up for the lack of them the last two nights. I think it's just what I needed because yesterday's shift went well most of the time, except for one part and a good dream, no matter how scary, is just what I need to take… Continue reading Hell Sent In The Clouds


A Short Hike – Hawk Peak Adventures

Ah, another cute indie game completed, this one definitely hit the spot with its atmosphere! I saw this one on Steam for a reasonably good price and started playing it a few months back so let's get straight to it. The game follows Claire, who goes with her Aunt May to Hawk Peak Provincial Park.… Continue reading A Short Hike – Hawk Peak Adventures


The Golden Compass – Daemons and Dust

It's time for another book review! I'm so glad I got this trilogy for Christmas cause I couldn't put this book down once I started it. I have been exposed to different versions of the story based off of the first book such as the film by New Line Cinema and then HBO's series. Those… Continue reading The Golden Compass – Daemons and Dust