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The Problem With Shaun Murphy (From Another Autistic Person’s Perspective)

I've talked before about my love-hate relationships with medical drama TV shows, but the one that is the easiest to pick apart is The Good Doctor due to it's protagonist being on the autism spectrum, like me. Autism is often difficult to represent in the media because it comes in many different forms. Many who… Continue reading The Problem With Shaun Murphy (From Another Autistic Person’s Perspective)


Anxiety from Fear of Failure

Nobody likes to fail, that's a fact. Many people have achieved success through many failures first. But when you're in the heat of the moment trying to achieve success it can feel like the road to it is like a fork up ahead and if you fail, you fail, and it's final. I have experienced… Continue reading Anxiety from Fear of Failure


I Should Ask More Questions

I don't think about this often, but sometimes it comes to me when I'm in the middle of a conversation with someone like, say, my mom and she'll ask me what my friends are up to like what's their current job. I sometimes feel like I don't know enough about my friends because whenever I… Continue reading I Should Ask More Questions


What To Say Next – Outlook On My Life

At first, I hesitated as to whether I should review this book while I was still reading it, but as I reached its end, I realized I did have something that I wanted to say about it. This is not the first book I have read by an author on the spectrum, the first was… Continue reading What To Say Next – Outlook On My Life


End The R-Word

There are many words in the dictionary that sound outrageous that I never use them, but one word, in particular, stands out that I came to despise once I realized how it was being used in a derogatory way. The word is retard(ed). There I said it, that is the only time I will type… Continue reading End The R-Word


Why You Should Not Support Autism Speaks

Well, here we are. “Autism Awareness Month.” The time of year in which talks about autism will permeate well into the public consciousness. One of the larger organizations you will see leading the charge this month is one called Autism Speaks. This is rather unfortunate, as Autism Speaks is a charity that is loathed by the autistic… Continue reading Why You Should Not Support Autism Speaks