Things I Want To See On The Mass Effect Remaster

It's official, the original Mass Effect is getting remastered and is set to release sometime this spring. Perhaps BioWare is working on it right now as I write this. I wrote earlier that I was originally skeptical because of how precious the trilogy is to me, and that a remaster may make some experiences no… Continue reading Things I Want To See On The Mass Effect Remaster


The Calling – Architect and Ghouls

Ah, it's time for another book review and in the Dragon Age universe no less. I feel like this one is a vast improvement from its predecessor. We're still in the land of Ferelden now, but this one is definitely closer to the start of the events during the fifth Blight. After Maric has successfully… Continue reading The Calling – Architect and Ghouls


Basalit-An You Are Also My Kadan

It's clear to me that I must have at least one dream about each of my Qunari crushes because the Maker knows I have a weakness for Qunari! The truth is I have a lot of Qunari dreams, but only a few of them make it to this blog. The rest of them go to… Continue reading Basalit-An You Are Also My Kadan