Music and Bands

Wehrmacht Hopelessly a Curse Forever Patient – Music of August 2022

Well, I did it, 31 posts in a row. I never do this, it's crazy but I thought for fun we would try it this year. I also went through a lot this month, not just being sick with covid but also some other things that I don't wish to discuss in detail here. I… Continue reading Wehrmacht Hopelessly a Curse Forever Patient – Music of August 2022


Burn the Silence Down

I actually liked this dream. Being Dragon Master for the entire duration of it. I was flying over a beach at different altitudes watching the people at the resort to make sure everyone was okay. All the way I was singing again, but this time it was Floor Jansen's Fire single. Many times I think… Continue reading Burn the Silence Down


Gamescom 2022 Surprises

This month we got Gamescom 2022. I didn't watch the full presentation but there was at least two tidbits that caught my eye from either watching it live or catching up on info via Twitter later on. There might still be more things I missed but these things made me happy the most. Metal… Continue reading Gamescom 2022 Surprises


Steam Deck Rambles – Arrival and Playtime

I waited a whole year for this and it finally came! When Valve first announced the Steam Deck last year, I was pretty open-minded about it. I placed my reservation for the most expensive model because having more than enough storage space is essential. One year and seven weeks later I did not get my… Continue reading Steam Deck Rambles – Arrival and Playtime


Kirby’s Dream Buffet – Delicacy of Adorableness

A new Kirby game is out and I was in love with this one the moment I saw it. It sent my sweet and salty cravings into overdrive and I couldn't wait to try it! Anyone who looks at Kirby's Dream Buffet might be thinking that it looks a lot like Fall Guys with its… Continue reading Kirby’s Dream Buffet – Delicacy of Adorableness


I Should Ask More Questions

I don't think about this often, but sometimes it comes to me when I'm in the middle of a conversation with someone like, say, my mom and she'll ask me what my friends are up to like what's their current job. I sometimes feel like I don't know enough about my friends because whenever I… Continue reading I Should Ask More Questions


Dead Space – Discovery of the Outbreak

It took me a while to complete this game, I never thought I was going to finish it because I got stuck at a few areas with zero-G and a vacuum that frustrated me a lot, so I procrastinated for a long time on giving it another chance and here we are! I have now… Continue reading Dead Space – Discovery of the Outbreak


My Elven Love Sleeping City

This dream was definitely lucid, well, most of it. I knew it was happening and somehow I managed to control its duration. I was walking and flying, following a trail hoping to find one of the loves of my life, Legolas. Yes, I finally had a dream featuring him! He's been one of my long-time… Continue reading My Elven Love Sleeping City