Want a Ride Razor Girl?

I've been having a daydream lately that still won't appear in my nightly dreams, it's been happening ever since I started playing Brutal Legend. In one of the side missions in this game after you take the beer kegs to the beach, one of the Headbangers there will complain to Eddie that he wants to… Continue reading Want a Ride Razor Girl?

Music and Bands

Orgasmatron – Claw Machine and Doctor

Ready for another Motörhead album review? I am! I find it absolutely shocking that nobody knows who these guys are, hell I am also stunned how rock isn't the most popular genre anymore. But anyway, here we go again rambling on about music from a band I wish I got into sooner. I don't know… Continue reading Orgasmatron – Claw Machine and Doctor

Music and Bands

Ace of Spades – Love for the Roadcrew

It's time for my first Motörhead album review so I thought I would start with the first album I listened to. Seriously, why didn't I become a fan sooner? Well, no matter, these guys show that this is when music was in its prime in my opinion and after this album it made me hungry… Continue reading Ace of Spades – Love for the Roadcrew