Back To The Village

I was trying to watch Van Helsing last night but I should have known better since the Capcom show was occurring at that time and soon I got pelted with texts from friends that the company finally announced some DLC content for Village. I love the game, so I was going to go back… Continue reading Back To The Village


Metal Attraction

Dreams like these always give me more ideas for my current fanfiction projects that either make the final cut or don't. I am currently working on my Heisenberg fanfiction Metal Thunder after my last dream about Karl inspired me to begin it in the first place, but let's be honest, I was going to create… Continue reading Metal Attraction

Music and Bands

Sometimes the Right Movement is Stronger in Shadows – Music of November 2021

Another month has gone and I spent a lot of it working now that I am adjusted to life with twelve-hour shifts. It turns out they are worth it because then I get two or three days off to fully recharge. That makes it easier to work on my writing, games I'm playing, schedule appointments… Continue reading Sometimes the Right Movement is Stronger in Shadows – Music of November 2021


Lakeside Getaway

This post sounds like it could be an announcement that I'm taking a short vacation, but it really isn't. I hate waking up on the morning of doing another set of night shifts because my body's like, "now what?" a point where you can't force yourself to sleep when you're not tired, but feel like… Continue reading Lakeside Getaway


Resident Evil Village – Four Lords and the Mother

Lycans and gentlemen, we thank you for waiting! Now let the games began! It's time for the review you've all been waiting for this year, after many dreams, debates about whether to play or not and a signed print from the actor of a character I fell for, it's time for me to share my… Continue reading Resident Evil Village – Four Lords and the Mother


Off To The Village We Go

I must have been riding in the Duke's carriage in last night's dream because I remember sitting somewhere where a lot of trinkets were hanging around as the whole placed moved and some overweight fellow was sitting next to me with a glass of wine chattering away to me about whatever place I was going.… Continue reading Off To The Village We Go


RE7 – Heroes, Tapes, and Swamp Men

I'm back! After writing last month's music post, I decided to take a break from blogging to catch up on some gaming and some other writing I was doing on Wattpad. I recently finished a story I started writing a year ago, which was an extended version of a dream that I remember utterly every… Continue reading RE7 – Heroes, Tapes, and Swamp Men


Resident Evil 7 Biohazard – A Molded Family

Well, I did it, I survived. That's right I made it through my first Resident Evil game and this felt a lot more like a true survival horror gaming experience compared to the other horror games that I've played! Yack yack spoilers as usual, and some strong language here and there, read at your own… Continue reading Resident Evil 7 Biohazard – A Molded Family