A Castle Full of Cats – The Curse of Fofiño

Another great indie game from Devcats has released this month just after Halloween and I was excited to dive into it that I bought it in a heartbeat and it was very affordable no less. It's the same gameplay as its predecessor so I don't have as much to say like my last review. Just… Continue reading A Castle Full of Cats – The Curse of Fofiño


Sudoku and Zodiac with Cats

Today I'm going to do something a little different. I normally don't review puzzle games, hell there's still some simulation games I still haven't written proper reviews for because there is so much content! I've played two more games by Devcats and here I shall be sharing my thoughts on them! Sudocats That's right, it's… Continue reading Sudoku and Zodiac with Cats


A Building Full Of Cats – Pet Them All

It's time for another little indie game ramble! I wish I could remember if I bought this before or after the summer sale this year but it was really cheap and it's another game about cats so yeah. I should make a category in my Steam library for cat games! While the residents of this… Continue reading A Building Full Of Cats – Pet Them All


Cat Quest – Dragonblood vs. Drakoth

That's a wrap on another indie game! Honestly, this one was a mixture of things but I wanted to play it because I love cats! Cat Quest is an RPG adventure game where you play as a cat setting out to save your sister from a dark lord named Drakoth. In this world, there are… Continue reading Cat Quest – Dragonblood vs. Drakoth


YouTube Videos I Make a Ritual

It's easy to kill time on YouTube and I find myself watching certain videos on a ritualistic level. One of the reasons could be because it gives me a massive dose of nostalgia or it takes stress away instantly. Yes, rituals, as an aspie, it's very common. For anyone on the spectrum, really. Here… Continue reading YouTube Videos I Make a Ritual


The Cat Lady – Soul for a Soul

I haven't done a video game review since my first run of the Dragon Age trilogy, and often whenever I complete my first play through of a game on Steam, I just review it there and that's it. Although I love Slime Rancher and always come back to playing it, no review ever made it… Continue reading The Cat Lady – Soul for a Soul