Steam Scream Fest 2022 – What I Bought

We're just wrapping up the Steam Scream Fest of 2022 and I didn't want to buy anything at first. Hell, I almost wanted to buy every remaining horror game on my wishlist but I wanted to stick to a budget. But some deals were pretty difficult to ignore so here's my haul. The Whisperer I… Continue reading Steam Scream Fest 2022 – What I Bought

TV Series

Chernobyl – Scars To My Heart

What is the cost of lies? I never thought I'd be writing about a series like this. But now, I am and there's lots to say. I originally was not interested in watching Chernobyl but I had suddenly changed my mind and gave it a go. Not sure why at first, but maybe it was… Continue reading Chernobyl – Scars To My Heart