Kiss of a Duke – Scent of Seduction

It's time for me to talk about the 2nd book in the 12 dukes of Christmas series. I was excited to jump into this one because I was looking forward to the comedy and just the general feel-good aspect of the story. After all, it's a romance that still has development but isn't extremely complex… Continue reading Kiss of a Duke – Scent of Seduction


Once Upon A Duke – Reclaiming Heirloom

This month I finished reading my first regency romance novel and getting into the Christmas spirit a little earlier as well. I never knew there was a romance subgenre centred around dukes, it made me ask what is it that a duke has that makes them so charming to people? Who knows, but I guess… Continue reading Once Upon A Duke – Reclaiming Heirloom


Weird Tales of the North

Merry Christmas you clever little pyjaks! I haven't been doing a lot of blogging between my scheduled HDM weekly episode review posts cause surprise surprise, I landed a new job which I started last week so after a two-month downward ride of the rollercoaster, I have bounced back to advance my career somewhere else and… Continue reading Weird Tales of the North