Lemmy White Line Fever

White Line Fever – Music, Speed, and Honesty

An early Christmas present to me was Lemmy's autobiography. As soon as I learned that he had one, I wanted to read it immediately and there were many things that I expected to see like all the substances he consumed and girls he scored but I didn't care because he's Lemmy and there are so… Continue reading White Line Fever – Music, Speed, and Honesty

Music and Bands

What I Listened to in 2022

It's that time of year again. People are letting an app track what they listen to and show them what they listened to the most by the final month of the calendar year. Meanwhile, I am sitting over here all old school letting my brain decipher from my own library of records to determine what… Continue reading What I Listened to in 2022

Music and Bands

The Goddess’ Last KISS

I feel so emotional inside writing this now, because last night was my third KISS concert, but it is certainly my final because the band is serious now about retiring after this tour ends. That being said, it was an absolute blast seeing KISS again as it's been 4 years since I last saw them.… Continue reading The Goddess’ Last KISS