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I Really Hate Band Promoters

Picture this: you are scrolling through social media to discover one of your favourite bands has announced that they are going on tour. You eagerly go to their page to see if there are any tour dates in your neck of the woods, only to be disappointed that none of the shows are closest to… Continue reading I Really Hate Band Promoters

Music and Bands

Virtual Worlds To Escape Into

When virtual shows became a thing last year, I originally shunned them because nothing can replace going to the event myself and seeing it all with my own eyes, even if there was still room for interaction because artists have to make money somehow in times like this. What made me change my mind was… Continue reading Virtual Worlds To Escape Into


No Need To Run, I’m Just Waiting For Someone

I have no interest in getting married now or anytime in the future, but in this dream, I felt like I was running around in a wedding dress the whole time. It was at a concert venue and I was first in line outside the building talking to people and many of them were asking… Continue reading No Need To Run, I’m Just Waiting For Someone

Music and Bands

The Goddess’ Last KISS

I feel so emotional inside writing this now, because last night was my third KISS concert, but it is certainly my final because the band is serious now about retiring after this tour ends. That being said, it was an absolute blast seeing KISS again as it's been 4 years since I last saw them.… Continue reading The Goddess’ Last KISS

Music and Bands

Battle Ready for the Third Uprising

WARSAW RISE!!!!! .......and cue the epic riff! Well, here I am post-gig after Sabaton last night with a sore throat but a happy heart. It felt like only yesterday that I scored a ticket and the gig came up so fast. I had placement to focus on and almost forgot that it was happening until… Continue reading Battle Ready for the Third Uprising