Fanfiction Sites – Why I Am On Wattpad

As someone with a passion for writing, I also enjoy writing stories, but it's more of something I do for fun rather than trying to monetize it or publish a book. One of my good friends loves to write stories. Sometimes he writes fanfiction and sometimes he writes original stories too. One of them he… Continue reading Fanfiction Sites – Why I Am On Wattpad


Movies I Love That Were Poorly Received

The idea for this article came to me when I was talking with a friend who told me how much she loved this reboot in a certain film franchise and suggested that I see it. I don't talk about movies often and I used to review them the same way I review video games now.… Continue reading Movies I Love That Were Poorly Received


Critics and Casuals In Gaming

It's easy to go on the Internet to talk about a subject and get into a debate of what's good and bad. I've learned that in video games, there are two types of people in this situation. There are critics who feel the need to nitpick every detail about a game that's wrong with it,… Continue reading Critics and Casuals In Gaming