A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words – My Private Instagram

Ah Instagram, the joyous place of taking endless photos, stories, and even more like they're trying to have everything in one place! I enjoy using it more than Facebook because there is often less drama there, but that doesn't mean it's a place I consider safe. You'd think that as a blogger, you'd want my… Continue reading A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words – My Private Instagram

Music and Bands

Silence of the Ghosts

This sounds a good name for one of those modern metal bands, or it could make a good song title! Anyway, the point of this article is I'm finally coming out of the dark about some experiences I never thought I would re-share. A subject I thought I would never talk about ever again online… Continue reading Silence of the Ghosts


Opinions are Forbidden – Except Here

Welcome to the Internet where you are not allowed to state your opinion if it's negative in any form. I always preach that sometimes a negative opinion is best left to yourself, especially if you plan to use a lot of profanity, no constructive reasons to support that said opinion, or it promotes targeting a… Continue reading Opinions are Forbidden – Except Here