Deployed in Paris

Reading this title makes it sound like you're in the military and you've been posted in well, Paris of course! I mean, I've always wanted to go to Paris, before this stupid pandemic hit my mom told me she was hoping we could go there together. She's already been there with dad, but she knows… Continue reading Deployed in Paris


The Dysfunctional Decepticons

Awww yay! Another Transformers related dream where Optimus and I go for a drive off into the sunset! Psych! Actually this dream was pretty disturbing that pictures won't be necessary. Seriously, have you remembered the times from a few of the Transformers movies where Megatron was all like: "Let me strip the very flesh from… Continue reading The Dysfunctional Decepticons


Transformers Devastation: Back to the G1

I've always been a Transformers fan with high expectations, especially after I learned that the movies weren't as great as they seem. I haven't watched the entire G1 series but I've seen enough episodes to become more familiar with classic characters. My love for it over the movies was put in place once I started… Continue reading Transformers Devastation: Back to the G1