Pride of the Valley

So, it's time I talk about the latest update from Disney Dreamlight Valley, something that I was hoping to write about sooner but due to some health issues, I took a break from the game to do what I needed to do that was more important. Once I felt better to ease back into gaming,… Continue reading Pride of the Valley


My Favourite Disney Princes

Everyone talks about who their favourite princesses are of the Disney universe, but what about the men? The princes of Disney can be just as memorable and in this article, I'll be talking about which ones I like most. Eric Prince Eric is charming and adventurous, plus he never likes to stay in one place.… Continue reading My Favourite Disney Princes


The Festival of Friendship

It's been nothing but binging in the valley the last few weeks since Gameloft launched a new update with new characters, quests and a star path. When I started playing this game, it was a week before Christmas and players were already into the heart of the holiday star path which are limited-time events in… Continue reading The Festival of Friendship


Nature and Nurture

It's been an exhausting week, and I find solace in tending to my village of Dreamlight Valley. I am also starting to also consider how I will review this game since I often do not review games like these, I just either don't write anything or share updates on what I'm up to, but since… Continue reading Nature and Nurture


Steam Winter Sale 2022 – What I Bought

What a haul! I rarely buy things for the winter sale but this time I decided to. This will probably keep me busy into 2023. I still have other games waiting to be played and with a Steam Deck, I've been able to tackle my backlog faster. Sometimes I have a hard time deciding which… Continue reading Steam Winter Sale 2022 – What I Bought


My Escape into a World of Dreams

Well I'm finally jumping on the bandwagon. Okay, maybe not entirely because I don't know a ton of people who are playing this game, at least that was before I joined its Discord server! Disney Dreamlight Valley was released in early access while I was out of the country on vacation. I didn't know it… Continue reading My Escape into a World of Dreams

Music and Bands

Remember Luxurious and Hold the Race to the Surface – Music of March 2022

It's the end of March so you know what that means, it's time for my five songs of this month! Sara Kays - Remember That Night I heard this on someone's playlist at work and thought it sounded pretty, by a younger singer. A bit of guitar, as sad storytelling, and gives me flashbacks… Continue reading Remember Luxurious and Hold the Race to the Surface – Music of March 2022

Music and Bands

The Dark Stampede Takes to the Rivers and Inferno – Music of January 2021

Welcome to the first monthly recap in music of 2021! The more I do these, the more it gives me the chance to add in new things to my taste based on bands I love, just discovered, or rediscover songs/artists from my childhood. As I put together this month's songs, I realized there were a… Continue reading The Dark Stampede Takes to the Rivers and Inferno – Music of January 2021