Sing Sweet Nightingale

I'm back. I just worked 7 days in a row, and boy has it been busy, stressful, but rewarding. I think what comes with being absent for a while is that when I finally return to doing something I love outside of work, it's a lot more relieving and exciting. I normally try to blog… Continue reading Sing Sweet Nightingale


The Race to the Crystal

This dream is like an Atlantis x Mushroom Kingdom x Babar crossover type of dream. I went to bed extremely drowsy last night after watching a movie and working on some other articles at the same time. I didn't go to sleep at first because the sound of the wind outside and things landing on… Continue reading The Race to the Crystal


Why I Love Adult Colouring Books

When we were children, we loved to draw on paper or we had all these colouring books. I had a lot of colouring books when I was a kid. But at that age, my skills at staying within the lines or filling in every space wasn't the greatest. It started with general themes kids would… Continue reading Why I Love Adult Colouring Books

Music and Bands

Storms of Money and Cherished Rocks of Woe – Music of July 2019

Well, that's another month gone of 2019, this year is going faster than I thought. Maybe that's what happens when you spend it getting the motor on your career started which is exactly what I've been doing! The past month I spent job hunting and interviewing and now I have landed a full-time job at… Continue reading Storms of Money and Cherished Rocks of Woe – Music of July 2019


The Movie Remake Reaction Cycle

Hollywood has discovered that redoing certain films is the perfect cash grab. But, a lot of people seem to be against the idea of movie remakes because they believe they are meant to "ruin" the original film if anything is changed. I for one have no issues with remakes, I think they bring in a… Continue reading The Movie Remake Reaction Cycle


We Need To Talk About Black Ariel

Another Disney remake is coming and the cycle may proceed to start once again, with The Little Mermaid. The whole Internet is in an uproar because Disney announced that singer Halle Bailey has been cast as Ariel and the fact that she is black somehow makes her unsuitable for the role. Bull. Shit. Never in… Continue reading We Need To Talk About Black Ariel

Music and Bands

A Speechless Birdie and Clarity Angel Overture – Music of June 2019

So, here we are at another month's end. While half of it consisted of me finishing up my training and getting licensed, the other half dragged, but it'll only be temporary. Here are the highlights: 5. Naomi Scott - Speechless https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mw5VIEIvuMI I went to see the Aladdin remake this month and it was really good.… Continue reading A Speechless Birdie and Clarity Angel Overture – Music of June 2019

Gaming, Movies, TV Series

The Fictional Characters Tag

Everyone knows how much I love fictional characters. Some of them I want to kiss, others I want as a best friend or sibling. None of them are real, but in my heart they are, and they make me happy in the darkest times. So I have decided to create a tag dedicated to fictional… Continue reading The Fictional Characters Tag