YouTube Videos I Make a Ritual

It's easy to kill time on YouTube and I find myself watching certain videos on a ritualistic level. One of the reasons could be because it gives me a massive dose of nostalgia or it takes stress away instantly. Yes, rituals, as an aspie, it's very common. For anyone on the spectrum, really. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/7/72/YouTube_social_white_square_%282017%29.svg/1200px-YouTube_social_white_square_%282017%29.svg.png Here… Continue reading YouTube Videos I Make a Ritual

Music and Bands

Say, Gimme a Supernova with Templars playing Music – Music of May 2020

Another month, another set of music. This blog is really growing, why didn't I start on this platform at the beginning? No matter, I'm here now right? Let's dive in! Christy Carlson Romano - Say the Word https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJH70t3IJFo I used to listen to this song on repeat back in my middle school days because back… Continue reading Say, Gimme a Supernova with Templars playing Music – Music of May 2020


Parties with Warriors

It's outrageous these days. I sometimes wish I could go to sleep and not wake up until the world is back to normal. But our bodies are not made to hibernate like chipmunks. Therefore, all I can do is hope I'll have a dream vivid enough to take me out of reality long enough like… Continue reading Parties with Warriors

Movies, TV Series

Villains With The Best Laughs

One of the most iconic things I love about a villain is their laughter. It's what makes them intimidating whether they're a serious villain or a quirky one. If a villain has a great evil laugh that makes me want to laugh with them, they become my favourite. So, you know what this post is… Continue reading Villains With The Best Laughs

Music and Bands

Miss the Union of Roxanne’s Angels Show – Music of March 2020

The entire world is in a panic mode and here I am, a person with GAD who is in no panic at all and has retreated to her little happy place that consists of well, whatever makes me happy! Want to know why? Because the people stuck at home and stay there, have nothing to… Continue reading Miss the Union of Roxanne’s Angels Show – Music of March 2020


Frozen II – The Magic of Nature Second Is The Best

I decided to wait until the hype had died down before finally watching this sequel. Frozen is the latest most popular Disney film franchise that gets over-marketed, but I love it nonetheless, even if the first film has significant plot holes. This sequel definitely answered many of my questions by its end, but it also… Continue reading Frozen II – The Magic of Nature Second Is The Best


My Favourite Cinderella Adaptations

Cinderella is one of those classic fairy tales that has been remade time and time again. It's one of my favourite stories that I never get tired of reading or watching about, no matter what version it is. So, we all know the original 1950 one from Disney. While that Cinderella will always remain a… Continue reading My Favourite Cinderella Adaptations


Why I Love Adult Colouring Books

When we were children, we loved to draw on paper or we had all these colouring books. I had a lot of colouring books when I was a kid. But at that age, my skills at staying within the lines or filling in every space wasn't the greatest. It started with general themes kids would… Continue reading Why I Love Adult Colouring Books