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All Davoth Loves is Fame and I – Music of July 2021

I'm settled into my new job now and there's been a lot going on with me adjusting and trying to get enough sleep, all while making time for maintaining this blog, my Wattpad work, and my video games! Here are the songs for this month. Cyndi Lauper - All Through The Night When it… Continue reading All Davoth Loves is Fame and I – Music of July 2021


The Ancient Gods Part II – Armageddon

Hell yeah, I'm on a roll! I just completed the second DLC for DOOM Eternal and I've had an absolute blast with this game over the past few months, even if it did involve a little grinding! This DLC is only a couple of months old and I feel like I had a dream the… Continue reading The Ancient Gods Part II – Armageddon


The Ancient Gods Part I – Resurrection

That's a wrap on the first DLC of DOOM Eternal, I must say that it was definitely harder than the main campaign even on Hurt Me Plenty and being a DLC, it's shorter than the base game. After the defeat of the Khan Maykr and the Icon of Sin, the demons have now overtaken Urdak… Continue reading The Ancient Gods Part I – Resurrection


Steam Summer Sale 2021 – What I Bought

It's that time of the year pyjaks and it's extremely easy to fall for! Sometimes I don't want to because my backlog is big enough already but I've actually done a decent job clearing some things off of it the past month. Sure it may not have been like ten games, since working full-time has… Continue reading Steam Summer Sale 2021 – What I Bought

Music and Bands

My Rock Machine and Mistakes Swamps the Seasons – Music of June 2021

Things are starting to turn around for me and it makes me feel hopeful that I will be able to continue my career path. I've had a good amount of time off to contemplating my next steps and I think it really prepared me for the upcoming new chapter. The Cardigans - My Favorite Game… Continue reading My Rock Machine and Mistakes Swamps the Seasons – Music of June 2021


Maykrs and Elites

My interest in the Maykrs from DOOM Eternal has collided with my longtime interest in Halo. Many times I've seen people make jokes about how Doomguy and Master Chief are different. I've had dreams where I become Dragon Master OC, I became War fighting alongside of Doomguy, then the Khan Maykr and even Lady Dimitrescu… Continue reading Maykrs and Elites

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The Alternate Doom Stories

What I'm about to do might be classified as controversial and I shudder at writing this a little. But then I remember I wanted to do it anyway. It started when I was browsing the Kobo store one night. Ever since I got myself a Kobo I've frequently searched for novels related to things I… Continue reading The Alternate Doom Stories


DOOM Eternal – Earth Apocalypse for a Dying Urdak

Against all the evil that Hell can conjure, all the wickedness that mankind can produce, we will send unto them... only you. Rip and tear, until it is done. Nope, not the Dark Lord this time, but still, bravo to you if you read that in King Novik's voice! It's time for another game review… Continue reading DOOM Eternal – Earth Apocalypse for a Dying Urdak


The Urdak Arena

A few hours after I posted my update of completing DOOM Eternal the other night while still in a dopamine-high state, I mentioned a dream where I was walking/levitating in the shoes of the Khan Maykr. Well, I only gave a summary, but sometimes later on what happens is I start to recall other parts… Continue reading The Urdak Arena


Kar En Tuk

That means "Rip and Tear" in Argenta. Well, I stayed up late last night finally beating DOOM Eternal and I came out unscathed and full of energy and happiness. For a few weeks I had delayed doing the last few levels of the campaign because after acquiring a new Crucible, I was approaching the point… Continue reading Kar En Tuk