Bow To The Arishok

I finally had a dream about it! Many many times whenever I listened to breathin by Ariana Grande, I would get this vivid image in my mind. That song became my go-to to calm myself down whenever some thought was plaguing my brain with anxiety. At the same time I used it as a reference… Continue reading Bow To The Arishok

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The Fictional Characters Tag

Everyone knows how much I love fictional characters. Some of them I want to date, others I want as a best friend or sibling. None of them are real, but in my heart they are, and they make me happy in the darkest times. So I have decided to create a tag dedicated to fictional… Continue reading The Fictional Characters Tag


The Gamertag Remastered

Yep, here's another tag of questions post for everyone to enjoy! I actually enjoy doing these, and find myself open to more of them ever since I moved to WordPress. This particular tag, is not one you need to be nominated for, but the original author Michelle who runs the blog http://ageekgirlsguide.com allowed us to… Continue reading The Gamertag Remastered


Basalit-An You Are Also My Kadan

It's clear to me that I must have at least one dream about each of my Qunari crushes because the Maker knows I have a weakness for Qunari! The truth is I have a lot of Qunari dreams, but only a few of them make it to this blog. The rest of them go to… Continue reading Basalit-An You Are Also My Kadan


Dragon Age II – The Tale of a Champion

It's time for another review, this time of Dragon Age II, having completed the game recently, I have to say I was met with a mixture of satisfaction, but also confusion. This game is a little different from the other two based on how the story is. It remains with the same RPG style as… Continue reading Dragon Age II – The Tale of a Champion