Yeah I Did Blaugust, Here’s Why I Don’t

Welcome back to my musings! After participating in Blaugust last month, I decided to take a break. I was going on vacation anyway so then felt like a good time to take a blogging vacation as well. I have heard of Blaugust for years since moving to WordPress. Some people were asking me if I… Continue reading Yeah I Did Blaugust, Here’s Why I Don’t


Events and Whatnot

As a blogger, it's easy to see things pop up like blogging events that come at certain times of the month. For instance, every August some bloggers promote an event called Blaugust where we try to post something every day about certain subjects. There are Discord servers, achievements, and more than you can wish for.… Continue reading Events and Whatnot

Music and Bands

Battle Ready for the Third Uprising

WARSAW RISE!!!!! .......and cue the epic riff! Well, here I am post-gig after Sabaton last night with a sore throat but a happy heart. It felt like only yesterday that I scored a ticket and the gig came up so fast. I had placement to focus on and almost forgot that it was happening until… Continue reading Battle Ready for the Third Uprising


My Top 4 Christmas Songs – Music of December 2017

This month is a little different. Normally I like to save these posts for the very end of the month, but it's tricky with the number of writing demands I face as 2017 nears its end. I would love to write another life lessons posts, there's the Dragon Age DLC's and I would prefer to… Continue reading My Top 4 Christmas Songs – Music of December 2017


Collecting Moments and Considering Quality

I'm not very materialistic like I used to be.That's something I've noticed changing about myself since the start of 2017. For two years, I was always buying stuff, but I have slowly cut back recently and have only purchased things that I really wanted like my Jaal pendant, 3D printed jewelry, Frollo costume, etc.Ever wondered… Continue reading Collecting Moments and Considering Quality