My Favorite Darksiders Boss Fights Part IV

Last but not least, it's time to talk about the bosses from Darksiders Genesis, this was a lot harder since the game had a different approach to gameplay and I enjoyed fighting the bosses from its predecessors at a camera angle where they took up half of my screen! That being said this game isn't… Continue reading My Favorite Darksiders Boss Fights Part IV


Cat Quest – Dragonblood vs. Drakoth

That's a wrap on another indie game! Honestly, this one was a mixture of things but I wanted to play it because I love cats! Cat Quest is an RPG adventure game where you play as a cat setting out to save your sister from a dark lord named Drakoth. In this world, there are… Continue reading Cat Quest – Dragonblood vs. Drakoth


My Favorite Darksiders Boss Fights Part III

Time for the next part of this series! These are fun to write and I always have to think them through before I begin. Darksiders III was definitely the most challenging game of this series. It strongly emphasizes on proper evasion timing in order to land a successful counter. Some people don't like constant dodging… Continue reading My Favorite Darksiders Boss Fights Part III


Countess In The Castle

Well, what was that? I have never had a dream that is about something that I am not into! A little backstory first. Everyone knows the Resident Evil games, there are tons of them and there's movies too. But they have not grabbed attention yet, probably because I wouldn't know where to begin and there… Continue reading Countess In The Castle


Movies I Love That Were Poorly Received

The idea for this article came to me when I was talking with a friend who told me how much she loved this reboot in a certain film franchise and suggested that I see it. I don't talk about movies often and I used to review them the same way I review video games now.… Continue reading Movies I Love That Were Poorly Received


War Against the Demons

I slept like a log last night, who the hell pulls that off on a Sunday night? Everyone knows that it's the most common time where you're going to have trouble sleeping since the working week looms ahead, 8 hours away. I always read before bed and turn the lights off at ten, but this… Continue reading War Against the Demons


My Favourite Witcher III Side Quests

Ah yes side quests, the additional things you can do in an RPG game designed to distract you from the game's main story so you'll never complete it. We have dismissed that claim. Actually, the beauty of side quests in any game is that they add additional story to the game, even if it is… Continue reading My Favourite Witcher III Side Quests