A Sun-King’s Queen

I always want to wait until I finish a game before I admit my love for a character but it always seems to happen before I finish that particular game. Sometimes it even happens before I even start the game! Think of it this way, I am exposed to that character somehow like maybe a… Continue reading A Sun-King’s Queen


Metal Attraction

Dreams like these always give me more ideas for my current fanfiction projects that either make the final cut or don't. I am currently working on my Heisenberg fanfiction Metal Thunder after my last dream about Karl inspired me to begin it in the first place, but let's be honest, I was going to create… Continue reading Metal Attraction

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Fictional Characters I Want As Bodyguards

There are many characters that I love so much that I wish I could date them, kiss them, etc. but there are also some fictional characters that I love in a different way, that way is I love them like I want them as a pet or as a personal protector a.k.a a bodyguard. This… Continue reading Fictional Characters I Want As Bodyguards

Music and Bands

Candles and Trouble at the Arrival of the Army of Abaddon – Music of November 2020

What creative titles I come up with when I write these posts! It's weird, but it's how I like to do it. Some people just simply put the music of the month thing, or they do something more general like "Currently...." yadda yadda, but I love using music to describe my life each month, so… Continue reading Candles and Trouble at the Arrival of the Army of Abaddon – Music of November 2020


An Arishok’s Love

The last romantic Arishok dream I had didn't make it onto this blog because I felt like it was too personal, and to some readers, they might perceive part of it as abuse before love, so I wrote it somewhere else more private heheh.... anyway, it's been too long since I had a Qunari-related dream.… Continue reading An Arishok’s Love


What Is a Girl to Do When She Wants a War?

Anybody could get the wrong impression by reading this and assuming I'm some kind of violent person. Well, that's NOT the case, I believe in peace on Earth. If you've been following my blog recently, you know what my current obsession is. It was just a normal day of casually browsing Facebook until an ad… Continue reading What Is a Girl to Do When She Wants a War?


Basalit-An You Are Also My Kadan

It's clear to me that I must have at least one dream about each of my Qunari crushes because the Maker knows I have a weakness for Qunari! The truth is I have a lot of Qunari dreams, but only a few of them make it to this blog. The rest of them go to… Continue reading Basalit-An You Are Also My Kadan


Save Me Sten, from the Tornado of Fire

It's no surprise I had a Dragon Age dream last night. I stayed up late trying to finish the Deep Roads portion of A Paragon of Her Kind. Man, it was so long and grueling but there were so many enemies to fight so hey, XP. Branka and the fucking Broodmother, that's all I will… Continue reading Save Me Sten, from the Tornado of Fire


The Story of Emili Vadumee

I have so many different fantasies in my vivid and wild imagination. It's not a crime to have such a thing when you're an adult and I'm not afraid to show it. So starting now, I'm going to share some of these characters I am in certain universes with you. Starting with my two different… Continue reading The Story of Emili Vadumee