Halo Reach – A Glassed Planet

Oh wow, it's been such a long time since I did a review of a Halo game! Well, I just finished my first campaign run, and Reach is one of the games that I have yet to review based on the story. I remember when this game first game out, I binge-played the crap out… Continue reading Halo Reach – A Glassed Planet


Chasing the Shadow

Wow what a dream! Why am I not surprised about this one? Oh yeah cause Halo MCC came out on PC this week. I finished my campaign run yesterday and enjoy playing Firefight arcade online. So now I'm alternating between that, Darksiders, and Stardew Valley. Playing Halo again has caused some feelings and memories to… Continue reading Chasing the Shadow


Gamer Dilemmas Galore

Ah, another game finished. I just recently wrapped up my second play through on Mass Effect: Andromeda and I'm already debating what's going to come next. I'm also playing Dead Space on the sidelines, but in terms of something bigger, that is yet to be decided. In four days, Halo: The Master Chief Collection will… Continue reading Gamer Dilemmas Galore


Don’t Leave Because of Change

I didn't want to ever write this, because in the past I've been guilty of it myself. (Bayformers Optimus Prime anyone?) Now that I've matured, I see it in a while different light. Whether it's a movie, TV show, or video game now that I look back at it: I see fans surrender their loyalty… Continue reading Don’t Leave Because of Change


Putting my Spartan Boots Back On

Funny that you mention it, because I'm not a Spartan when it comes to the Halo fandom. I'm a female Sangheili Supreme Commander in charge of several fleets with a CSO-class Supercarrier as the flagship. I am also the third incarnation of the Ur-Didact and the first hybrid incarnation; half-human/half-Forerunner who restored Mantle's Approach and… Continue reading Putting my Spartan Boots Back On


117 Battles Of Poisous Autumn Twilight – Music Of September 2018

Finally, a title that makes sense! Isn't it wonderful? I was totally worn out yesterday due to being up late on Saturday at my cousin's wedding reception so here I am now writing this a day late.This month feels totally random as I picked what I heard most rather than anything related to what was… Continue reading 117 Battles Of Poisous Autumn Twilight – Music Of September 2018


3 Fictional Characters That Describe Me

This trend on the Internet has been going on for about a week now and I kept telling myself, "What are those three characters that describe you the most?" I delayed in sharing my own results because I thought that I would never be able to pick three.Finally I have my results based how I… Continue reading 3 Fictional Characters That Describe Me


I Want To Be Alone, But Now I Never Will

Three guesses why I'm writing this.....3....2...1....GO!Or better yet, just watch this below and it'll summarize what I'm about to talk about.Halo fans, including myself, have been making constant demands for the return of PvE game modes. Knowing 343i, they sometimes listen to us, but it depends on which crowd screams the loudest. Know what I… Continue reading I Want To Be Alone, But Now I Never Will