Lemmy White Line Fever

White Line Fever – Music, Speed, and Honesty

An early Christmas present to me was Lemmy's autobiography. As soon as I learned that he had one, I wanted to read it immediately and there were many things that I expected to see like all the substances he consumed and girls he scored but I didn't care because he's Lemmy and there are so… Continue reading White Line Fever – Music, Speed, and Honesty

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Two Impossible Bullets and Sweet Moth – Music of February 2023

It's another month gone and the biggest highlight for me this month is I purchased my first car which I love. It feels good to be able to get around more easily as before I was just walking, taking the bus or getting a lift which is more time-consuming. You can imagine a lot of… Continue reading Two Impossible Bullets and Sweet Moth – Music of February 2023

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My Favourite Metal Mascots

I love talking about all things metal and now it's time to share another aspect that I love about the genre. While I love some bands that have a strong visual image like KISS, Lordi, Ghost, GWAR, etc. there are also bands that don't dress up on stage, but they do have a mascot that… Continue reading My Favourite Metal Mascots


When The Sky Comes Looking For You

What are you going to do now?Out in the lonely timesHow will you ever get through now?Remembering all of your crimes What will you do, what will you doWho do you think would attempt a rescue?Dreaming, screaming, knocked right out of your shoesWho would you blame, who could you sueIf the sky came looking for… Continue reading When The Sky Comes Looking For You

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What I Listened to in 2022

It's that time of year again. People are letting an app track what they listen to and show them what they listened to the most by the final month of the calendar year. Meanwhile, I am sitting over here all old school letting my brain decipher from my own library of records to determine what… Continue reading What I Listened to in 2022

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Bad Magic – Victory on the Lightning’s End

Surprise! It's time to hop aboard the Motörizer once again! I've been wanting to do this one for a while, just like the last album I did by this band, I was so excited to begin and I can tell you I'm once again full of energy about this one. Many fans see this album… Continue reading Bad Magic – Victory on the Lightning’s End

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Word Hellraiser and a Superbeast’s POV Souls – Music of September 2022

It's autumn and it's the end of another month. I had a lot happen in September, I travelled for the first time in two years and played some new games so there's a lot going on for me. I also have been discovering new bands and all of the shows that I watch are coming… Continue reading Word Hellraiser and a Superbeast’s POV Souls – Music of September 2022

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After Death, Okay To Love?

Here's a thought for the day. I was contemplating it for a while. You know, we all have crushes on famous people: Musicians, actors, models, etc. they fill us with emotions that can't be experienced any other way. Even if they never know we exist, it makes us happy to watch them do their thing… Continue reading After Death, Okay To Love?


Want a Ride Razor Girl?

I've been having a daydream lately that still won't appear in my nightly dreams, it's been happening ever since I started playing Brutal Legend. In one of the side missions in this game after you take the beer kegs to the beach, one of the Headbangers there will complain to Eddie that he wants to… Continue reading Want a Ride Razor Girl?

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Orgasmatron – Claw Machine and Doctor

Ready for another Motörhead album review? I am! I find it absolutely shocking that nobody knows who these guys are, hell I am also stunned how rock isn't the most popular genre anymore. But anyway, here we go again rambling on about music from a band I wish I got into sooner. I don't know… Continue reading Orgasmatron – Claw Machine and Doctor