My Favourite Video Game Merchants

In video games, there are always NPCs we interact with. There's NPCs that give us quests and reward us for completing them, those we can start a relationship, with or choices we make will affect their the outcome of their survival. But, one group of NPCs that isn't mentioned a lot is merchants. Any sort… Continue reading My Favourite Video Game Merchants


Back To Hallownest

I told you I'd never been done with Hollow Knight! While I continue to wait impatiently for some news of Silksong, I have gone back to the original gem to complete tasks that were on my to-do list and have discovered new lore on the way. The first thing I remembered that made me decide… Continue reading Back To Hallownest


Fictional Characters I’d Do a Night Out With

I should really start to jump on some trends my fellow bloggers are writing about. It could really help my fanbase grow. This topic was one I found through Jennifer who runs her blog The Nerd Mom. She's a stay-at-home mom who writes a lot of geeky stuff like me so please feel free to… Continue reading Fictional Characters I’d Do a Night Out With


Hollow Knight – Into the Void

For a whole year I was wrapped in a dark platformer game that I never thought I'd get through. With danger at every turn, many times I felt I wanted to give up, but what drove me forward was the desire unlock the secrets of Hallownest. I finally finished Hollow Knight, though I will definitely… Continue reading Hollow Knight – Into the Void