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Dragula is a Hero, Tell the Skeleton to Believe – Music of August 2021

August is always such a long month because for some people it's the last golden moment of summer before fall arrives in the middle of September. Most of my friends are probably rejoicing right now while I on the other hand, a rare species of humans that loves summer, not so much. Don't get me… Continue reading Dragula is a Hero, Tell the Skeleton to Believe – Music of August 2021


Resident Evil 7 Biohazard – A Molded Family

Well, I did it, I survived. That's right I made it through my first Resident Evil game and this felt a lot more like a true survival horror gaming experience compared to the other horror games that I've played! Yack yack spoilers as usual, and some strong language here and there, read at your own… Continue reading Resident Evil 7 Biohazard – A Molded Family


F.E.A.R – The Girl Behind the Soldiers

This is a classic shooter game that I've beaten a long time ago, you could say that it counts as survival horror in a way. I thought I would put out a review for it because it is one of my favorite FPS's even if I've only completed it once. F.E.A.R. which stands for First… Continue reading F.E.A.R – The Girl Behind the Soldiers


How Will I Conquer Survival Horror?

Imagine a video game where you are wandering the halls of a castle, the cellar of a creepy house, or spaceship where you have limited ammo to defend yourself from other threats as a strange creature stalks you and you can't kill it. Here are your options: run until it loses sight of you or… Continue reading How Will I Conquer Survival Horror?


Listen to the Rock Machine

I've been having a lot of these dreams lately and one of my friends takes it as a sign that I'm going to do something one day that it originates from. None of these dreams I have are meant to be 100% accurate to the lore, it's just what I'm experiencing. I opened my eyes… Continue reading Listen to the Rock Machine


Countess In The Castle

Well, what was that? I have never had a dream that is about something that I am not into! A little backstory first. Everyone knows the Resident Evil games, there are tons of them and there's movies too. But they have not grabbed attention yet, probably because I wouldn't know where to begin and there… Continue reading Countess In The Castle

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The Alternate Doom Stories

What I'm about to do might be classified as controversial and I shudder at writing this a little. But then I remember I wanted to do it anyway. It started when I was browsing the Kobo store one night. Ever since I got myself a Kobo I've frequently searched for novels related to things I… Continue reading The Alternate Doom Stories


Lorelai – A Single Incapacitated Parasite

This is the last game in the Devil Came Through Here trilogy taking place after the events of The Cat Lady and Downfall. First thing I noticed about this game was, huge improvement in the graphics so the game does look very good when you start it. The story is about Laura Wood, or as… Continue reading Lorelai – A Single Incapacitated Parasite


The Horror Tag

Oh goodie! A horror tag! Well, it is October after all! I should talk more about my horror taste more since I watch movies, play games, and read horror from time to time, especially that grimoire I have for a book full of weird tales by Lovecraft. So what questions do you have for me?… Continue reading The Horror Tag