The Silent Storm

I love a dream against my nemesis that takes my mind off the things that occurred in reality! It started with me getting off a bus from another city, assuming it was where I worked because being Dragon Master isn't a paying job; at least that is how I have made it. When I stepped… Continue reading The Silent Storm


Together Inferno

I never thought I'd have a dream that features my friends, especially the ones I've met online but not in person. I have many online friends that have stuck around for years and if we could meet up someday, then I would make it happen. Support can be near or far as they say. It… Continue reading Together Inferno


If The Dragon Master Had A Video Game

With many dreams and other ways of fantasizing, plus my love for gaming, I sometimes wonder, what kind of video game my Dragon Master OC would have? It didn't hit me until a dream I had one night that reminded me of an old GameCube game I once had. The second Spider-Man film in the… Continue reading If The Dragon Master Had A Video Game


Better Wishes For Characters

The past few days, I had something stuck in my head in related to the dream I had starring myself as Lady Dimitrescu. What I'm about to write, I put it out on Facebook and received a lot of support, so I might as well share it here too. Most of what is written I've… Continue reading Better Wishes For Characters


Don’t Be Surprised I Will Still Rise

I tried to fall asleep again in the morning to see if that dream would continue, but no avail. It was basically my own version of Katy Perry's Rise music video, only this time I had large dragon wings instead of a parachute attached to me. I was struggling to fly with them for the… Continue reading Don’t Be Surprised I Will Still Rise