Kirby’s Dream Buffet – Delicacy of Adorableness

A new Kirby game is out and I was in love with this one the moment I saw it. It sent my sweet and salty cravings into overdrive and I couldn't wait to try it! Anyone who looks at Kirby's Dream Buffet might be thinking that it looks a lot like Fall Guys with its… Continue reading Kirby’s Dream Buffet – Delicacy of Adorableness


Pink Puff of Happiness – My Favourite Kirby Games

Everyone thinks that Grogu is the cutest thing in the world but for me, it's always been Kirby. The adorable little pink puffball who can float, inhale enemies, and keep Popstar safe. I don't care what you say, Kirby will always be the cutest creature in the fictional world and that brings me to the… Continue reading Pink Puff of Happiness – My Favourite Kirby Games


My Different Taste In Cuteness

Sometimes, something takes the Internet by storm and everyone is oohing and awwwing at how adorable it is, while I on the other hand am just meh over it. For example, when The Mandalorian was first announced, I was eager that we were getting something new from Star Wars, which I hoped would be a… Continue reading My Different Taste In Cuteness


The Gamertag Remastered

Yep, here's another tag of questions post for everyone to enjoy! I actually enjoy doing these, and find myself open to more of them ever since I moved to WordPress. This particular tag, is not one you need to be nominated for, but the original author Michelle who runs the blog allowed us to… Continue reading The Gamertag Remastered