Don’t Force VIP On Me

I love to read books, that's a fact. Some people act so surprised that I read books more than I watch TV like they do. I've rambled before about why I have been reading a lot. I read both physical books and on my Kobo reader. One of the things I love about the latter… Continue reading Don’t Force VIP On Me


Alien Isolation – Lost in Sevastopol

This review is for the novelization of the video game, not the game itself. I've tried to finish the game before, the first time I didn't get very far because I was terrible at stealth. Convinced that I would never finish the game, I watched streamers play it and saw how it ended while it… Continue reading Alien Isolation – Lost in Sevastopol


Why I’m Reading More Books

In a world where we have access to so much entertainment, I find myself reading more and more these days. Ever since covid started, I was cooped at home with not much to do outside of work. When I wasn't always writing or gaming, I began to reintroduce things I didn't do regularly in my… Continue reading Why I’m Reading More Books