Yeah I Did Blaugust, Here’s Why I Don’t

Welcome back to my musings! After participating in Blaugust last month, I decided to take a break. I was going on vacation anyway so then felt like a good time to take a blogging vacation as well. I have heard of Blaugust for years since moving to WordPress. Some people were asking me if I… Continue reading Yeah I Did Blaugust, Here’s Why I Don’t


Losing Your Holy Grail

I don't talk about makeup that often. But when I do I launch into a rant about how much I wish this was this and that was that. The last time I did, I talked about how much I wished there were more dragon-themed products on the market. Now this time it's gonna be a… Continue reading Losing Your Holy Grail


I Should Ask More Questions

I don't think about this often, but sometimes it comes to me when I'm in the middle of a conversation with someone like, say, my mom and she'll ask me what my friends are up to like what's their current job. I sometimes feel like I don't know enough about my friends because whenever I… Continue reading I Should Ask More Questions


The Damages of Unfriending

It may not seem like a big deal but social media has given us the power to cut someone out of our life, just like that, without seeing them in person. When people unfriend me, the first thing I ask myself is why? What did I ever do to you? I remember I lost someone… Continue reading The Damages of Unfriending


Pink Puff of Happiness – My Favourite Kirby Games

Everyone thinks that Grogu is the cutest thing in the world but for me, it's always been Kirby. The adorable little pink puffball who can float, inhale enemies, and keep Popstar safe. I don't care what you say, Kirby will always be the cutest creature in the fictional world and that brings me to the… Continue reading Pink Puff of Happiness – My Favourite Kirby Games

Music and Bands

Attempting to see a Music Genre I Hate in a New Light

When it comes to music, we all have our favourite genre that we love and swear by. Then there's genres we may like a little, are not fond of, or even hate to the very core of our bodies. Hate is a strong word but perhaps we come to loathe a certain music genre for… Continue reading Attempting to see a Music Genre I Hate in a New Light


Things I’ve Learned From Quitting Instagram

Instagram is currently the most popular social media app and I have broken up with it twice. It hasn't been easy leaving, returning and then finally leaving for good earlier this year. But as more time passes without me checking it every day, I have learned so much that is worth sharing. Some people say… Continue reading Things I’ve Learned From Quitting Instagram


Learning to Drive with Anxiety

It's time I touch base on this. I've finally made a commitment to getting my driver's license and will finish the process this time. I remember having thoughts that I didn't need to drive, but as time went by, I grew tired of public transit where I had to sit waiting for buses or trains… Continue reading Learning to Drive with Anxiety


Is It Time To Fly?

This is a personal topic I want to touch base on, which may not seem like the best thing to do on a public Internet page like my blog. But as someone who loves to write, there is an enormous advantage to talking about these things. When something begins to nag you, writing it down… Continue reading Is It Time To Fly?