Is It Time To Fly?

This is a personal topic I want to touch base on, which may not seem like the best thing to do on a public Internet page like my blog. But as someone who loves to write, there is an enormous advantage to talking about these things. When something begins to nag you, writing it down… Continue reading Is It Time To Fly?


Tea Drinkers, We Exist

Some things are just so mainstream that it completely overshadows what else is out there that is similar. Ask me this question, hey do you want to go grab a coffee? There is a 99.9% chance that my answer will be: Yeah sure, but I drink tea. Because coffee is such a mainstream beverage, anyone… Continue reading Tea Drinkers, We Exist


Remembering Rockett

All female gamers will remember playing Barbie games in their youth, maybe My Scene, Bratz, or any other girlie game they can think of before they reached a certain age and got into the games that weren't casual about fashion and whatnot, but one of the most forgotten gems in girlie game history is the… Continue reading Remembering Rockett

Life, Music and Bands

We Need New Music Now More Than Ever

I've been planning to write this for a while and in the beginning I thought not to because I don't like to talk about real-world events on my blog that put stress on everybody's shoulders, including my own, but sometimes, I do have to let it out for the sake of my mental health. As… Continue reading We Need New Music Now More Than Ever


The Little Things That Matter (And The Ones That Don’t)

Remember Corduroy? It's a children's book where a young girl named Lisa wants to get a teddy bear wearing green overalls at the toy store, but her mother refuses believing that she wouldn't be happy with it because one of the straps was missing a button, but Lisa didn't care either way. After the bear… Continue reading The Little Things That Matter (And The Ones That Don’t)