Keep the PDA Away

I have wanted to write about this for a long time and hesitated forever. But then when I wrote an article about how single-shaming needs to stop, and it was very well-received then I realized that hey what is stopping me from writing this? One of my biggest pet peeves in the world is PDA… Continue reading Keep the PDA Away


Keep Me On The Road

Sometimes, I need to vent and I was surprised to see how many people read that article about how I was venting about some failures I recently experienced. I also remember doing the same thing when I was anxious to find out the results of the certification exams I had to take to practice in… Continue reading Keep Me On The Road


Quarantine Times

You're surprised most likely why I've put so much content out this month, you're thinking, Emily, what's going on, you're on fire with you're writing! Did you have a breakthrough recently?? Yes and no, I had a significant amount of free time this month and I was originally going to save these words for my… Continue reading Quarantine Times


Is It Time To Fly?

This is a personal topic I want to touch base on, which may not seem like the best thing to do on a public Internet page like my blog. But as someone who loves to write, there is an enormous advantage to talking about these things. When something begins to nag you, writing it down… Continue reading Is It Time To Fly?


Remembering Rockett

All female gamers will remember playing Barbie games in their youth, maybe My Scene, Bratz, or any other girlie game they can think of before they reached a certain age and got into the games that weren't casual about fashion and whatnot, but one of the most forgotten gems in girlie game history is the… Continue reading Remembering Rockett