The Horror Tag

Oh goodie! A horror tag! Well, it is October after all! I should talk more about my horror taste more since I watch movies, play games, and read horror from time to time, especially that grimoire I have for a book full of weird tales by Lovecraft. So what questions do you have for me?… Continue reading The Horror Tag


Two Monsters in One City

It's been exhausting at my first full week at my new job, but I love what I get to do. When I got home last night, I read Lovecraft's The Nameless City till quarter to eleven and could have sworn the story made me picture crawling through tunnels to a tomb that had paintings of… Continue reading Two Monsters in One City


Weird Tales of the North

Merry Christmas you clever little pyjaks! I haven't been doing a lot of blogging between my scheduled HDM weekly episode review posts cause surprise surprise, I landed a new job which I started last week so after a two-month downward ride of the rollercoaster, I have bounced back to advance my career somewhere else and… Continue reading Weird Tales of the North


Games I’m Going to Play Next

Ever since I brought home Teletraan-1, I've already been thinking about big games that I'm going to play that she can run. I played Witcher 3 for more than half of the year while squeezing some new indie games when I'm not in the mood for trekking around killing monsters. Now that I'm done that,… Continue reading Games I’m Going to Play Next