My Elven Love Sleeping City

This dream was definitely lucid, well, most of it. I knew it was happening and somehow I managed to control its duration. I was walking and flying, following a trail hoping to find one of the loves of my life, Legolas. Yes, I finally had a dream featuring him! He's been one of my long-time… Continue reading My Elven Love Sleeping City


DARQ – Inescapable Lucid Nightmares

This game I bought from the Lunar New Year Sale this year and it was something I was uncertain about for a while. When I finally played it I realized it was shorter than I thought but the visuals and audio are well done for a solo developer. It's a game about a boy named… Continue reading DARQ – Inescapable Lucid Nightmares


Streaking Green Sky High

I'm not surprised that I had this dream last night, especially since I've been doing a lot post-game in Shining Pearl, I've caught several legendaries in the past month. Azelf and Uxie were the first. Then I used my master ball on Giratina, and last week I caught Heatran, Registeel and Regirock (actually, Regirock I… Continue reading Streaking Green Sky High


Valhalla and The Black Pearl

This dream might as well be a short story that I could publish on Wattpad if I really felt up for it. It's got vibes from Pirates of the Caribbean and I felt like it took place in the Great Lakes and Atlantic ocean. Instead of being myself in this dream, I was a character… Continue reading Valhalla and The Black Pearl