The Name of the Wind – Retelling of One Man’s Childhood

Another book complete, it always feels good to finish one, don't you agree? This book I received as a Christmas present and every night I would read several chapters, letting the corners of civilization absorb me. An interesting take about a man now turned innkeeper as he tells his story to a scribe of who… Continue reading The Name of the Wind – Retelling of One Man’s Childhood

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The Witcher S2 E5 – Turn Your Back

Weaker episodes often serve as build-ups to the stronger ones ahead. Maybe this one is the first. I did enjoy this one a little more than the last two and I really hope this means we're going to get a great finale when the time comes! Source: This season is definitely Triss Merigold's time… Continue reading The Witcher S2 E5 – Turn Your Back

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Tossing Coins to Witchers

I'm really enjoying Netflix's new Witcher series and am just wrapping up my second session of watching the first season. It may be hard to follow at first because each character's story arc starts at different times before they gradually begin to catch up to each other. But, once you go through it again, it… Continue reading Tossing Coins to Witchers


Frozen II – The Magic of Nature Second Is The Best

I decided to wait until the hype had died down before finally watching this sequel. Frozen is the latest most popular Disney film franchise that gets over-marketed, but I love it nonetheless, even if the first film has significant plot holes. This sequel definitely answered many of my questions by its end, but it also… Continue reading Frozen II – The Magic of Nature Second Is The Best


My Favourite Cinderella Adaptations

Cinderella is one of those classic fairy tales that has been remade time and time again. It's one of my favourite stories that I never get tired of reading or watching about, no matter what version it is. So, we all know the original 1950 one from Disney. While that Cinderella will always remain a… Continue reading My Favourite Cinderella Adaptations

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The Back to Hogwarts Tag

I have not done one of these in a while. It isn't easy to squeeze in posts like these among my own while trying to juggle work and other hobbies. But, I figured why not this one? I've been nominated for many but haven't been able to write them lately to pass it on. A… Continue reading The Back to Hogwarts Tag