My Favourite Video Game Merchants

In video games, there are always NPCs we interact with. There's NPCs that give us quests and reward us for completing them, those we can start a relationship, with or choices we make will affect their the outcome of their survival. But, one group of NPCs that isn't mentioned a lot is merchants. Any sort… Continue reading My Favourite Video Game Merchants


Mass Effect Legendary Edition – Fighting The Reapers For The Umpteenth Time

I'm going to do things a little differently for this article. I always have a set format for game reviews and I remember fondly when I first started doing them, like my review for War for Cybertron, I was still trying to figure out how to write it, but I had a great time doing… Continue reading Mass Effect Legendary Edition – Fighting The Reapers For The Umpteenth Time


Things I Want To See On The Mass Effect Remaster

It's official, the original Mass Effect is getting remastered and is set to release sometime this spring. Perhaps BioWare is working on it right now as I write this. I wrote earlier that I was originally skeptical because of how precious the trilogy is to me, and that a remaster may make some experiences no… Continue reading Things I Want To See On The Mass Effect Remaster


Mass Effect Andromeda: Annihilation – The New Dominant Races

Another book cleared from the reading backlog! It always feels so good to finish a book. This one was on my list for a while and it was the only Andromeda novel that I was interested in reading since the game ended with a distress call from the Quarian Ark being picked up by Ryder.… Continue reading Mass Effect Andromeda: Annihilation – The New Dominant Races


Fictional Characters I’d Do a Night Out With

I should really start to jump on some trends my fellow bloggers are writing about. It could really help my fanbase grow. This topic was one I found through Jennifer who runs her blog The Nerd Mom. She's a stay-at-home mom who writes a lot of geeky stuff like me so please feel free to… Continue reading Fictional Characters I’d Do a Night Out With


Things I Like About Andromeda

Mass Effect Andromeda is one of those games that gets a lot of unnecessary backlash since its release. First, it was because of graphical bugs that did not affect the game's ability to run, but were just minor things that players were nitpicky over. Then it was also due to it not being a sequel… Continue reading Things I Like About Andromeda


How Do Angara Host Weddings?

Yes, how do they? We know very little about their culture other than military and science! But yeah, so I had a dream last night that I was getting married to Jaal Ama Darav my second space hubby in the Mass Effect universe and possibly the most romantic out of all my fictional crushes. Interestingly… Continue reading How Do Angara Host Weddings?


Why I Love Adult Colouring Books

When we were children, we loved to draw on paper or we had all these colouring books. I had a lot of colouring books when I was a kid. But at that age, my skills at staying within the lines or filling in every space wasn't the greatest. It started with general themes kids would… Continue reading Why I Love Adult Colouring Books

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The Fictional Characters Tag

Everyone knows how much I love fictional characters. Some of them I want to date, others I want as a best friend or sibling. None of them are real, but in my heart they are, and they make me happy in the darkest times. So I have decided to create a tag dedicated to fictional… Continue reading The Fictional Characters Tag