The Gamertag Remastered

Yep, here's another tag of questions post for everyone to enjoy! I actually enjoy doing these, and find myself open to more of them ever since I moved to WordPress. This particular tag, is not one you need to be nominated for, but the original author Michelle who runs the blog allowed us to… Continue reading The Gamertag Remastered


How Do We Rewrite The Stars?

I must write, whatever I feel like writing and as often as I can while I still can, cause one of these days I'll be so busy I'll wish I had the freedom to write this often again. I feel like letting out a story from my imagination. This isn't a dream, but something I… Continue reading How Do We Rewrite The Stars?


Angaran Affection Among Bubbles

I've been writing so much this weekend due to how busy the second week of placement was, especially Friday. But I felt part of the team doing the full amount of work that the pharmacy team handled! Anyway, I've got another dream to write about and this'll probably be my last post for a couple… Continue reading Angaran Affection Among Bubbles


Mass Effect Andromeda – New Galaxy New Worlds

Right after finals, I decided I was going to dive back into the Mass Effect universe, now here I am three months later after starting the new game Mass Effect: Andromeda. I've played through the original trilogy many times, and I was only lurking around to learn of the new game coming out this year.… Continue reading Mass Effect Andromeda – New Galaxy New Worlds


Citadel DLC Ramble Part 2: Shore Leave

Greetings everyone, now I'm going to talk about the fun interactions and features of the Citadel DLC that we get after the main mission. Since there are so many things you can do and the interactions vary based on your choices, romance option, etc. I'm going to be sharing my thoughts based on what I… Continue reading Citadel DLC Ramble Part 2: Shore Leave