For the Matoran

These dreams start to occur more often when I finish work late and don't wake up until 7 or 8am the next day to rinse and repeat. I seem to remember them well, but only for a short while. It's like my brain is demanding I sit down immediately and write about it before it… Continue reading For the Matoran


How Will I Conquer Survival Horror?

Imagine a video game where you are wandering the halls of a castle, the cellar of a creepy house, or spaceship where you have limited ammo to defend yourself from other threats as a strange creature stalks you and you can't kill it. Here are your options: run until it loses sight of you or… Continue reading How Will I Conquer Survival Horror?


Countess In The Castle

Well, what was that? I have never had a dream that is about something that I am not into! A little backstory first. Everyone knows the Resident Evil games, there are tons of them and there's movies too. But they have not grabbed attention yet, probably because I wouldn't know where to begin and there… Continue reading Countess In The Castle

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Fictional Characters I Want As Bodyguards

There are many characters that I love so much that I wish I could date them, kiss them, etc. but there are also some fictional characters that I love in a different way, that way is I love them like I want them as a pet or as a personal protector a.k.a a bodyguard. This… Continue reading Fictional Characters I Want As Bodyguards


My Favourite Witcher III Side Quests

Ah yes side quests, the additional things you can do in an RPG game designed to distract you from the game's main story so you'll never complete it. We have dismissed that claim. Actually, the beauty of side quests in any game is that they add additional story to the game, even if it is… Continue reading My Favourite Witcher III Side Quests

TV Series

The Witcher S1 E6 – Rare Species

This episode definitely took things to an interesting level. I always thought that dragons didn't exist in the Witcher universe, but this episode proved me wrong along with Saskia from the second game. This is where the timelines are almost caught up. Geralt and Yen's events take place a year before Ciri's so I can… Continue reading The Witcher S1 E6 – Rare Species

TV Series

Tossing Coins to Witchers

I'm really enjoying Netflix's new Witcher series and am just wrapping up my second session of watching the first season. It may be hard to follow at first because each character's story arc starts at different times before they gradually begin to catch up to each other. But, once you go through it again, it… Continue reading Tossing Coins to Witchers


I Ain’t Swimming In That

What a coincidence! Last night when I was playing Darksiders III, I found Gluttony, the next sin that comes inside a kraken monster and constantly spits goo and tries to devour me. And Fury said this was going to be easy! Well, you know what it's like to get temporarily stuck at a boss fight… Continue reading I Ain’t Swimming In That


Monster Tight Doors Block (Almost) Everything

After working for eight consecutive days, the good dreams don't start to come until I catch up on my sleep. The one on the night before my last shift was strange, but when I went to sleep last night knowing today is my day off, I was pleased that my brain picked something so vivid… Continue reading Monster Tight Doors Block (Almost) Everything