Witches, Golems, and Songs – DA Origins DLC Minis

I haven't done one of these in a while. In fact, the last time I recall writing one of these mini reviews was when I binge-watched the Clone Wars in the summer of 2015. Why write about each season when you can merge it all into one?So, this article is about the little add-ons that┬áDragon… Continue reading Witches, Golems, and Songs – DA Origins DLC Minis


Dragon Age: Origins – Blighted Civil War

Ah, I'm still hooked onto the world of Thedas, so I'm definitely excited to writing another Dragon Age review. I wish I did start with this game in this universe, but since I wasn't the greatest at that particular gameplay, I probably wouldn't have pursued the franchise even further.So, this is Origins, which isn't as… Continue reading Dragon Age: Origins – Blighted Civil War

Music and Bands

If I Became a Lordi Fan in 2006

Have you ever asked yourself this question whenever you became a fan of a band or artist? Every musician has gone through their prime, and it seems that I'm frequently late to the party since I didn't get into heavy metal until I was 18. So, one thing that really came to my mind after… Continue reading If I Became a Lordi Fan in 2006


Irreplaceable Specimens

It's been a while since I've had a good nightmare worthy of writing. If it's got something to do with some sci-fi, horror or fantasy universe that I love, then sure yeah I'll definitely write about it! However, if I had a nightmare about something representing what's going on in real life, I'd keep that… Continue reading Irreplaceable Specimens