Darksiders Warmastered Edition – The Unbroken 7th Seal

At last, I have completed my first journey with one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and I couldn't be more satisfied. This journey all started with the revamped edition of the first Darksiders game. I was drawn to play this series starting with this one when I saw a trailer with epic music… Continue reading Darksiders Warmastered Edition – The Unbroken 7th Seal


Two Monsters in One City

It's been exhausting at my first full week at my new job, but I love what I get to do. When I got home last night, I read Lovecraft's The Nameless City till quarter to eleven and could have sworn the story made me picture crawling through tunnels to a tomb that had paintings of… Continue reading Two Monsters in One City

Music and Bands

Killection Masks – Detailed Review

A new era of Lordi is upon us and I always look forward to beginning a detailed review of the band's new look. I'm not going to get rambling this time, but jump straight into it and finish up with my thoughts on the album title and tracks. So let's begin! Hiisi Starting with the… Continue reading Killection Masks – Detailed Review


Zireael – The Swallow

Time for another Witcher 3 update! I managed to squeeze in time to finish the game's main quest after I got home from the first day at my new job so I'm sure you're dying to know what happened. It's been a long journey for sure and I knew that at some point the Wild… Continue reading Zireael – The Swallow

TV Series

Things To Add To The Chaotic Universe

If you've known me since tenth grade, you're certainly aware that that was the year I was obsessed with Chaotic: the Danish trading card game that eventually became a huge success here in North America with a TV show on Teletoon and it became the first trading card game to have an online platform where… Continue reading Things To Add To The Chaotic Universe