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Things To Add To The Chaotic Universe

If you've known me since tenth grade, you're certainly aware that that was the year I was obsessed with Chaotic: the Danish trading card game that eventually became a huge success here in North America with a TV show on Teletoon and it became the first trading card game to have an online platform where… Continue reading Things To Add To The Chaotic Universe


Double Features

It's not everyday that I go to the movies, and this week felt like the time to take a breather from all the door-knocking I've been doing for the past few weeks before that.I decided to treat myself to a couple of movies back-to-back over the course of two days. I had enough SCENE points… Continue reading Double Features


Dragon Age II – The Tale of a Champion

It's time for another review, this time of Dragon Age II, having completed the game recently, I have to say I was met with a mixture of satisfaction, but also confusion. This game is a little different from the other two based on how the story is. It remains with the same RPG style as… Continue reading Dragon Age II – The Tale of a Champion


Awakening – Architect and Mother

Well here it is, the last Dragon Age: Origins game review article on the expansion pack Awakening. I can't believe I'm already finished it, I was expecting it to last just as long as I was on the main game. It even said on Origin that it would be 80 more hours... LIES! Anyway, it's… Continue reading Awakening – Architect and Mother


Witches, Golems, and Songs – DA Origins DLC Minis

I haven't done one of these in a while. In fact, the last time I recall writing one of these mini reviews was when I binge-watched the Clone Wars in the summer of 2015. Why write about each season when you can merge it all into one?So, this article is about the little add-ons that┬áDragon… Continue reading Witches, Golems, and Songs – DA Origins DLC Minis


Dragon Age: Origins – Blighted Civil War

Ah, I'm still hooked onto the world of Thedas, so I'm definitely excited to writing another Dragon Age review. I wish I did start with this game in this universe, but since I wasn't the greatest at that particular gameplay, I probably wouldn't have pursued the franchise even further.So, this is Origins, which isn't as… Continue reading Dragon Age: Origins – Blighted Civil War

Music and Bands

If I Became a Lordi Fan in 2006

Have you ever asked yourself this question whenever you became a fan of a band or artist? Every musician has gone through their prime, and it seems that I'm frequently late to the party since I didn't get into heavy metal until I was 18. So, one thing that really came to my mind after… Continue reading If I Became a Lordi Fan in 2006


Irreplaceable Specimens

It's been a while since I've had a good nightmare worthy of writing. If it's got something to do with some sci-fi, horror or fantasy universe that I love, then sure yeah I'll definitely write about it! However, if I had a nightmare about something representing what's going on in real life, I'd keep that… Continue reading Irreplaceable Specimens