When The Sky Comes Looking For You

What are you going to do now?Out in the lonely timesHow will you ever get through now?Remembering all of your crimes What will you do, what will you doWho do you think would attempt a rescue?Dreaming, screaming, knocked right out of your shoesWho would you blame, who could you sueIf the sky came looking for… Continue reading When The Sky Comes Looking For You

Music and Bands

After Death, Okay To Love?

Here's a thought for the day. I was contemplating it for a while. You know, we all have crushes on famous people: Musicians, actors, models, etc. they fill us with emotions that can't be experienced any other way. Even if they never know we exist, it makes us happy to watch them do their thing… Continue reading After Death, Okay To Love?

Music and Bands

Why I Love Singers

It is no secret that when it comes to band members, I clearly have a thing for the ones that can sing. Not that I don't love the ones who play drums, bass, etc. but I always develop a soft spot for the singer first. I think it's because I love to sing myself, so… Continue reading Why I Love Singers