Pokemon Shining Pearl – Memories of Sinnoh

Ah Sinnoh, my favourite place to be! I look back at it fondly and recall it being one of the most challenging Pokemon games that I have played. I often don't publish reviews for RPG/simulation games like this because their endless play can make it tricky to narrow down what to talk about, but with… Continue reading Pokemon Shining Pearl – Memories of Sinnoh


Lakeside Getaway

This post sounds like it could be an announcement that I'm taking a short vacation, but it really isn't. I hate waking up on the morning of doing another set of night shifts because my body's like, "now what?" a point where you can't force yourself to sleep when you're not tired, but feel like… Continue reading Lakeside Getaway


What I Want to come to the Gen IV Remasters

I'm still super happy that we are finally getting Gen IV remasters and am going to preorder my Shining Pearl for download regardless of what people say about the graphics. With that being said, there are certain features from the original games and the recent ones from other generations that I do hope get implemented… Continue reading What I Want to come to the Gen IV Remasters


I Still Love You – A Pokemon Fan In The Dark

I've been a Pokemon fan since elementary school. It's been a long journey for me and it's always changing. In the past, I found myself excited to transfer my legendary party over to the next game and trade with friends. That was when things were easy. When the way those things were done changed, I… Continue reading I Still Love You – A Pokemon Fan In The Dark


Yes, I Still Play My 3DS

Nintendo, the platforms I grew up with, it's always changing and I found myself following that change out of desperation in the past to play something new. When I decided a couple of years ago to start doing more PC gaming, I realized the major flaw in console gaming was an attempt to get me… Continue reading Yes, I Still Play My 3DS


The Gamertag Remastered

Yep, here's another tag of questions post for everyone to enjoy! I actually enjoy doing these, and find myself open to more of them ever since I moved to WordPress. This particular tag, is not one you need to be nominated for, but the original author Michelle who runs the blog allowed us to… Continue reading The Gamertag Remastered