The Silent Storm

I love a dream against my nemesis that takes my mind off the things that occurred in reality! It started with me getting off a bus from another city, assuming it was where I worked because being Dragon Master isn't a paying job; at least that is how I have made it. When I stepped… Continue reading The Silent Storm


Negative Energy Haze

What a vivid dream right before I transition to night shifts for the next two nights! I always hate going to bed the night before a night shift knowing it'll be the last time I get to sleep during the desired time my body is wired to do so, for the next 48 hours that… Continue reading Negative Energy Haze


The Story of Emili Vadumee

I have so many different fantasies in my vivid and wild imagination. It's not a crime to have such a thing when you're an adult and I'm not afraid to show it. So starting now, I'm going to share some of these characters I am in certain universes with you. Starting with my two different… Continue reading The Story of Emili Vadumee