The Amber Spyglass – Republic of Heaven

Well pyjaks, I did it, I finished this amazing trilogy and there is so much ground to cover! The more I read, the more complex it became. There's still a lot of concepts that I do not understand and it makes me wish I that I read the Bible in order to do so. But… Continue reading The Amber Spyglass – Republic of Heaven

TV Series

Windows To New Worlds

My new favourite series is back! I thought I wasn't going to get a new season this year due to obvious reasons, but they must have finished filming it long before the pandemic begun. I am excited because now I'm more familiar with the Multiverse after reading the first two books and I am currently… Continue reading Windows To New Worlds


The Subtle Knife – Chased Between Worlds

Another book complete. This trilogy is seriously absorbing. First bears and now we've got even more creatures in this multiverse. Things just got a lot more complicated. Now I understand why the HBO series was adding clips of Lord Boreal searching for John Parry, and the events with his son Will is what builds up… Continue reading The Subtle Knife – Chased Between Worlds