The Shining – Visions of Insanity

I didn't think I was going to finish this book before Halloween. I very much doubted I could since I've been on night shifts this week which means self-care needs extra attention. But, the great thing about the night shift is that when it gets quiet, I can binge-read to my heart's content if I… Continue reading The Shining – Visions of Insanity


Lorelai – A Single Incapacitated Parasite

This is the last game in the Devil Came Through Here trilogy taking place after the events of The Cat Lady and Downfall. First thing I noticed about this game was, huge improvement in the graphics so the game does look very good when you start it. The story is about Laura Wood, or as… Continue reading Lorelai – A Single Incapacitated Parasite


The Horror Tag

Oh goodie! A horror tag! Well, it is October after all! I should talk more about my horror taste more since I watch movies, play games, and read horror from time to time, especially that grimoire I have for a book full of weird tales by Lovecraft. So what questions do you have for me?… Continue reading The Horror Tag


Downfall – A Twisted Mind

I never thought about reviewing this game. I started to write it and then I changed my mind. But then, I remembered how much I enjoyed the universe this game comes from and its predecessor. I also remembered that if I wanted to review a game, I didn't have to just stick to ones that… Continue reading Downfall – A Twisted Mind


The Cat Lady – Soul for a Soul

I haven't done a video game review since my first run of the Dragon Age trilogy, and often whenever I complete my first play through of a game on Steam, I just review it there and that's it. Although I love Slime Rancher and always come back to playing it, no review ever made it… Continue reading The Cat Lady – Soul for a Soul