My Relationship With Memes

Ah, memes, the pinnacle of the Internet to provide us with laughs over everything imaginable. I first heard of what a meme was in high school and it's safe to say that I didn't get it at first. My friends were already absorbed by them and to me, they were just images with text added… Continue reading My Relationship With Memes


Smart Stalker

Ever imagined an enemy in a video game who stalks you but wasn't the smartest in the world? Well I just recall dreaming last night that the Sturm from Heisenberg's factory in Village was just like that! It was chasing me through these halls that looked like they were within the factory but I first… Continue reading Smart Stalker


One Month Later After The Breach

So, it's officially been a month now since my Instagram was hacked. How am I doing now? Better actually, I feel like I have become smarter and can spend more time doing things I love to do even more than scrolling the app. I remember in the moment I was devastated at first that I… Continue reading One Month Later After The Breach


Why I’m Reading More Books

In a world where we have access to so much entertainment, I find myself reading more and more these days. Ever since covid started, I was cooped at home with not much to do outside of work. When I wasn't always writing or gaming, I began to reintroduce things I didn't do regularly in my… Continue reading Why I’m Reading More Books


Learning to Drive with Anxiety

It's time I touch base on this. I've finally made a commitment to getting my driver's license and will finish the process this time. I remember having thoughts that I didn't need to drive, but as time went by, I grew tired of public transit where I had to sit waiting for buses or trains… Continue reading Learning to Drive with Anxiety


Fangirling Androids

I love having these dreams that take place in the universes of video games that I will be playing soon for the first time. It's happened with Village, Dragon Age, and The Witcher in the past. Some I've written of while some I have not. What's fun about them is my imagination runs freely to… Continue reading Fangirling Androids


Is It Time To Fly?

This is a personal topic I want to touch base on, which may not seem like the best thing to do on a public Internet page like my blog. But as someone who loves to write, there is an enormous advantage to talking about these things. When something begins to nag you, writing it down… Continue reading Is It Time To Fly?


If The Dragon Master Had A Video Game

With many dreams and other ways of fantasizing, plus my love for gaming, I sometimes wonder, what kind of video game my Dragon Master OC would have? It didn't hit me until a dream I had one night that reminded me of an old GameCube game I once had. The second Spider-Man film in the… Continue reading If The Dragon Master Had A Video Game


Lord vs Lady Run

I am so exhausted and don't have enough vivid dreams to write them down here, or they're too personal to share! A lot of times they are lucid though. Like I think this one is very similar to the dream I had the night before I played Village for the first time and serves as… Continue reading Lord vs Lady Run