Red Lightning Parachute

I wrote once about how I would skydive if given the opportunity and that's just what I'm doing in this dream instead of becoming my OC. I went up in the plane alone and jumped out, never screamed or hesitated since I've never really been afraid of heights. I've always asked myself, when is the… Continue reading Red Lightning Parachute


Princesses Under The Moon

In order for me to write an interesting dream, I feel there needs to be something familiar present in order to assemble the pieces of the puzzle of what remains. My first thought of this dream was a song I made up and wrote the lyrics for on a whim. I thought it was an… Continue reading Princesses Under The Moon


Critics and Casuals In Gaming

It's easy to go on the Internet to talk about a subject and get into a debate of what's good and bad. I've learned that in video games, there are two types of people in this situation. There are critics who feel the need to nitpick every detail about a game that's wrong with it,… Continue reading Critics and Casuals In Gaming


Things I Want To See On The Mass Effect Remaster

It's official, the original Mass Effect is getting remastered and is set to release sometime this spring. Perhaps BioWare is working on it right now as I write this. I wrote earlier that I was originally skeptical because of how precious the trilogy is to me, and that a remaster may make some experiences no… Continue reading Things I Want To See On The Mass Effect Remaster


My Different Taste In Cuteness

Sometimes, something takes the Internet by storm and everyone is oohing and awwwing at how adorable it is, while I on the other hand am just meh over it. For example, when The Mandalorian was first announced, I was eager that we were getting something new from Star Wars, which I hoped would be a… Continue reading My Different Taste In Cuteness


Why It’s Okay To Play On Easy

When we boot up a new game there are two things we like to do before we start playing. We like to turn on the subtitles if it's a story-rich game, but the second thing we turn to is what difficulty do we play the game on? There are some gamers out there who immediately… Continue reading Why It’s Okay To Play On Easy