I slept for twelve hours last night, after coming off my last night shift until tomorrow. I planned to binge play Shining Pearl until I got too tired to keep going. I climbed to Mt. Coronet's summit; a route that I know by heart due to constantly going back to the Spear Pillar in the… Continue reading Firestorm


Tea Drinkers, We Exist

Some things are just so mainstream that it completely overshadows what else is out there that is similar. Ask me this question, hey do you want to go grab a coffee? There is a 99.9% chance that my answer will be: Yeah sure, but I drink tea. Because coffee is such a mainstream beverage, anyone… Continue reading Tea Drinkers, We Exist


I Love But Hate You YouTube

Ah YouTube, a joyous place where we can watch whatever we want; albeit its toxic comment threads that I no longer participate in. Lately, I've noticed that the website is becoming greedier and stricter by the minute. It all started with the changes made on the site over the past several years. First, it was… Continue reading I Love But Hate You YouTube

TV Series

My Problem With Medical Dramas

I currently watch three medical dramas on CTV. While they can be addictive, they aren't perfect. Everyone knows Grey's Anatomy, it's been around for decades with 17 seasons and counting. Then there's The Good Doctor, which I thought was a step in the right direction introducing a surgical resident with ASD like me, but even… Continue reading My Problem With Medical Dramas