My Steam Replay of 2022

To wrap up 2022, Steam just launched a new feature that gives us a rundown of our gaming activity for the year. You know, like Spotify Wrapped for those who use it. I was actually quite surprised with the results that Valve was able to pull, especially since I can be so engrossed in a… Continue reading My Steam Replay of 2022


Resident Evil 2 – Raccoon City Epidemic

I had no intentions of playing this game at first when it comes to Resident Evil, but as I was branching out in many interests within the gaming world, I changed my mind and decided to give this classic a go. I think this game was a lot more challenging than the other RE games… Continue reading Resident Evil 2 – Raccoon City Epidemic

Music and Bands

Mercy Dogs are Blue for Impact to Shake – Music of November 2022

It's the end of November so I'm shaking some things up with some songs I've got stuck in my head for a while, as well as a few guilty pleasures that I had no idea when I was going to add to this monthly post. I've had some ups and downs this month and I… Continue reading Mercy Dogs are Blue for Impact to Shake – Music of November 2022


RE: Village Shadows of Rose – Nightmares of a Daughter

It's time to go back to the village, or at least a portion of it inside the Megamycete. When the Winters Expansion was first announced, I was excited yet skeptical because I was worried if Capcom would give us more content on the Four Lords of the Village, who became fan favourites before the game… Continue reading RE: Village Shadows of Rose – Nightmares of a Daughter


Back To The Village

I was trying to watch Van Helsing last night but I should have known better since the Capcom show was occurring at that time and soon I got pelted with texts from friends that the company finally announced some DLC content for Village. I love the game, so I was going to go back… Continue reading Back To The Village


The Grand Machine and the Beasts

I've neglected to write about some very vivid dreams that I've been having lately, so this is going to be one of those posts where I combine two dreams into one article. Why the turning gears? Well when I think about pieces of metal, I think of my beloved Karl Heisenberg. All these dreams about… Continue reading The Grand Machine and the Beasts


Metal Attraction

Dreams like these always give me more ideas for my current fanfiction projects that either make the final cut or don't. I am currently working on my Heisenberg fanfiction Metal Thunder after my last dream about Karl inspired me to begin it in the first place, but let's be honest, I was going to create… Continue reading Metal Attraction


Lord vs Lady Run

I am so exhausted and don't have enough vivid dreams to write them down here, or they're too personal to share! A lot of times they are lucid though. Like I think this one is very similar to the dream I had the night before I played Village for the first time and serves as… Continue reading Lord vs Lady Run