Rebuilding Chicago

Imagine being in Dark of the Moon, ah the memories. The truth is I still have a soft spot for those Transformers films because it was there did that love for the franchise blossom. It's Peter Cullen's birthday as I write this, happy birthday Peter and thank you as always for bringing to life one… Continue reading Rebuilding Chicago


In The Dawn of the Apocalyptic AI

Good thing I get an extra day off, otherwise I'd be scrambling to try and write this dream during my lunch break. I worked the Civic long weekend so that's why I'm here now. I didn't want to use the word apocalypse in this article's title, but it was the only thing that fit. To… Continue reading In The Dawn of the Apocalyptic AI

TV Series

War For Cybertron Returns

Writing this is overdue and with it about a month away, now's the time. My favourite part of the Transformers franchise has always been the war on Cybertron before it comes to Earth: no humans, no eye candy, just Autobots fighting Decepticons. Netflix announced that it will be releasing a series about the war for… Continue reading War For Cybertron Returns


The Dysfunctional Decepticons

Awww yay! Another Transformers related dream where Optimus and I go for a drive off into the sunset! Psych! Actually this dream was pretty disturbing that pictures won't be necessary. Seriously, have you remembered the times from a few of the Transformers movies where Megatron was all like: "Let me strip the very flesh from… Continue reading The Dysfunctional Decepticons