Pride and Prejudice – Marriages For Each

I always like to check out classics, but they don't always work out for me and it's safe to say that this is one of them. Pride and Prejudice is a novel that's been around for a long time and has even been adapted into a film, which I did watch at some point but… Continue reading Pride and Prejudice – Marriages For Each


The Grand Machine and the Beasts

I've neglected to write about some very vivid dreams that I've been having lately, so this is going to be one of those posts where I combine two dreams into one article. Why the turning gears? Well when I think about pieces of metal, I think of my beloved Karl Heisenberg. All these dreams about… Continue reading The Grand Machine and the Beasts


I Want To Live – Don’t Ever Grow Up

Well, that's a wrap on the second book of the Dawn Rochelle series. This one was a lot shorter than its predecessor and I'm bouncing between it and the Kingkiller chronicles reading multiple books at once is something I stopped doing years ago, so I'm not sure why I'm doing it now! Anyway, it's been… Continue reading I Want To Live – Don’t Ever Grow Up


Metal Attraction

Dreams like these always give me more ideas for my current fanfiction projects that either make the final cut or don't. I am currently working on my Heisenberg fanfiction Metal Thunder after my last dream about Karl inspired me to begin it in the first place, but let's be honest, I was going to create… Continue reading Metal Attraction


Unpacking – Homey Puzzles

I thought it was time to squeeze in a short indie game before returning to the main games currently in progress. So I thought, how about one of the new indie games I just bought? It's a basic puzzle game where you are unpacking a girl's belongings at different stages of her life, starting with… Continue reading Unpacking – Homey Puzzles


The Weeks of Reading Fruits Basket

It's not often that I pick up manga series and read my way through all its volumes like I used to. But ever since I got my Kobo, I've discovered some series I wanted to read. Like, Fruits Basket is a popular shojo series consisting of twenty-three volumes. I read bits and pieces some of… Continue reading The Weeks of Reading Fruits Basket


Extras – Hidden Aliens

After finishing the last book, Specials, I thought maybe this is a good ending to the series. The world is no longer divided based on appearance and no one is getting their brains altered for the surgeries. All thanks to Tally Youngblood who surprisingly chose to stay as a Special, even though she still has… Continue reading Extras – Hidden Aliens

TV Series

My Problem With Medical Dramas

I currently watch three medical dramas on CTV. While they can be addictive, they aren't perfect. Everyone knows Grey's Anatomy, it's been around for decades with 17 seasons and counting. Then there's The Good Doctor, which I thought was a step in the right direction introducing a surgical resident with ASD like me, but even… Continue reading My Problem With Medical Dramas


Pretties – Stay Bubbly to Survive

Miss me? I spent the last week settling into my new job and working on some Wattpad projects. I recently finished the second book in the Uglies series and this one was actually shorter but really built up the intensity of the series. The last book ended with Tally volunteering to test out the cure… Continue reading Pretties – Stay Bubbly to Survive


Movies I Love That Were Poorly Received

The idea for this article came to me when I was talking with a friend who told me how much she loved this reboot in a certain film franchise and suggested that I see it. I don't talk about movies often and I used to review them the same way I review video games now.… Continue reading Movies I Love That Were Poorly Received