Maykrs and Elites

My interest in the Maykrs from DOOM Eternal has collided with my longtime interest in Halo. Many times I've seen people make jokes about how Doomguy and Master Chief are different. I've had dreams where I become Dragon Master OC, I became War fighting alongside of Doomguy, then the Khan Maykr and even Lady Dimitrescu… Continue reading Maykrs and Elites


Parties with Warriors

It's outrageous these days. I sometimes wish I could go to sleep and not wake up until the world is back to normal. But our bodies are not made to hibernate like chipmunks. Therefore, all I can do is hope I'll have a dream vivid enough to take me out of reality long enough like… Continue reading Parties with Warriors


Chasing the Shadow

Wow what a dream! Why am I not surprised about this one? Oh yeah cause Halo MCC came out on PC this week. I finished my campaign run yesterday and enjoy playing Firefight arcade online. So now I'm alternating between that, Darksiders, and Stardew Valley. Playing Halo again has caused some feelings and memories to… Continue reading Chasing the Shadow


And Then The Half-Jaw Sang: A Shadow of Intent Review

Okay, I don't know where to begin on this because once I started this little novella yesterday, I couldn't put it down. It's a short story but easily a memorable one with a straightforward plot. Centered around Rtas 'Vadum; the Half-Jaw Sangheili Shipmaster of the Covenant Assault Carrier, of the same name as the book's… Continue reading And Then The Half-Jaw Sang: A Shadow of Intent Review


How Jul Mdama Should Have Died

No one likes it when a character they like is killed off, especially if it's a death that is so abrupt at a bad time. I can definitely say that for Jul Mdama. His death in Halo 5 was truly complete garbage, and only done the way it was just to show us how "badass"… Continue reading How Jul Mdama Should Have Died


The Story of Emili Vadumee

I have so many different fantasies in my vivid and wild imagination. It's not a crime to have such a thing when you're an adult and I'm not afraid to show it. So starting now, I'm going to share some of these characters I am in certain universes with you. Starting with my two different… Continue reading The Story of Emili Vadumee