No More Stars

This week I had to make a difficult choice about certain content I publish here and I am not sharing it in a post to justify my reasons for taking it down. But like any therapy, writing is one of mine so am I sharing it here. You may or may not have noticed that… Continue reading No More Stars


Fear the Reaper

Some video games leave us with a scar, even before we finish them. Imagine a scenery in a game that plays with you in a way and then reaches into your dreams when you go to sleep at night. You encounter something or hear something in a game and the moment you see it, it… Continue reading Fear the Reaper


Infernal Sky – Alien Allies

These Doom books are really burning through my brain, in a good way of course! What can I say about the third one? Well it was easy to follow at first and it started off with the characters all in Hawaii enjoying some well-deserved R&R until demons break loose in the labs. My favourite… Continue reading Infernal Sky – Alien Allies


Dead Space – Discovery of the Outbreak

It took me a while to complete this game, I never thought I was going to finish it because I got stuck at a few areas with zero-G and a vacuum that frustrated me a lot, so I procrastinated for a long time on giving it another chance and here we are! I have now… Continue reading Dead Space – Discovery of the Outbreak


Hell on Earth – Leading the Rebellion

Continuing on with this series, once again I find myself not taking the plot seriously in order to write these little reviews but again, it's DOOM so it's not meant to be like that. It's also not DOOM Eternal which had way more lore than this. Picking up right where the last novel left… Continue reading Hell on Earth – Leading the Rebellion


Knee-Deep in the Dead – Beginning of the Invasion

Another book is done! Writing this now reminds me of the time I tried to read another DOOM novel that took a different approach but I think this one is a much better story that is an ode to the classic games. There are four novels and this is the first one. The moment… Continue reading Knee-Deep in the Dead – Beginning of the Invasion


Alien Isolation – Lost in Sevastopol

This review is for the novelization of the video game, not the game itself. I've tried to finish the game before, the first time I didn't get very far because I was terrible at stealth. Convinced that I would never finish the game, I watched streamers play it and saw how it ended while it… Continue reading Alien Isolation – Lost in Sevastopol


Detroit Become Human – I Am Alive, Android Revolutions

Is there a heart inside the chest of the android? What do you see, machine or man? Sing it with me now! That's the perfect song to describe a game like Detroit: Become Human! It is also the first game I've played that started as a PlayStation exclusive before it branched out to PC. I… Continue reading Detroit Become Human – I Am Alive, Android Revolutions